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HR is Dead: Long Live Employee Experience
Our mission: To Change the Way the World ‘Works’
I Love Rewards is an employee recognition solution that helps companies recognize brilliant performance and empower employees to choose their own rewards. Unlike traditional service award programs, I Love Rewards creates authentic moments of recognition that resonate with workers of any age.

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Find yourself stuck in old school HR practices?
Join us as we finally put transactional HR practices to bed, and focus on how to keep HR strategic by making employees the ultimate priority. Top performing organizations understand that HR executives have the second most important position to the CEO because they are ultimately responsible for employee happiness, and it’s those happy employees that are fundamental to business success.
  • The difference between human resources and employee experience executives
  • How to put employee experience best practices into place within your organizations
  • Organizations who focus on employee experiencehave the competitive advantage
  • Insight into employee engagement strategies from the leading engagement specialists
Webcast Speakers
Join Kris Dunn, editor of Fistful of Talent, and Razor Suleman, CEO and Founder of I Love Rewards as they lead us into the next generation of human capital management, employee experience, and the impact it has on your organization.
Kris Dunn
Kris Dunn
Founder, Fistful of Talent
Razor Sulemon
Razor Suleman
Founder & CEO,
I Love Rewards
Fistful of Talent
I Love Rewards

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