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Recognition 3.0: The Future of Employee Engagement
Our mission: To Change the Way the World ‘Works’
I Love Rewards is an employee recognition solution that helps companies recognize brilliant performance and empower employees to choose their own rewards. Unlike traditional service award programs, I Love Rewards creates authentic moments of recognition that resonate with workers of any age.

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It’s no surprise, employees are the key to any successful business! Yet, when it comes to employee engagement, so many organizations haven’t moved out of the industrial age. Very few companies have elevated their employee reward and recognition programs to a level that is in sync with their company, or their own employee’s level of sophistication. What you recognize with, and how you recognize within an organization is changing along with the organization itself. It is important to “level up” your recognition strategy along with your business strategy and realize what it takes to win in 2011.
  • What Recognition 3.0 is and the evolution of employee engagement
  • The 5 benefits of Recognition 3.0 and how it will help you build a competitive workplace
  • How to instill Recognition 3.0 at your company and why your employees will love you for it
  • The future of recognition and why employees are in the driver’s seat
  • Insight from long time recognition veteran, Paul Hebert, who will discuss why Recognition 3.0 is here to stay…until the next iteration
Webcast Speakers
Join Brent Lowe, Vice President of Employee Experience at I Love Rewards and Paul Hebert, Managing Director of I2I, as they lead us into the next generation of recognition and employee engagement.  
Brent Lowe
Brent Lowe
Vice President of
Employee Experience,
I Love Rewards
Paul Hebert
Paul Hebert
Managing Director
of I2I

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